HBC Ministry Organizational Structure

Key Pastoral Responsibilities and Deacon Ministry

Oversight Pastor Matt: Preaching and Teaching

  1. Sunday Morning Service
  2. Heritage of Faith Radio Program
  3. Wednesday Prayer Fellowship
  4. Heritage Discipleship Institute
  5. HBC Weekly Email
  6. Administrative Assistant: Overseeing bulletin, Directory, and Bookkeeping

Pastor Carmine: Oversight of Finance - Administration - Worship - Missions

  1. Singles Ministry
  2. Media Ministry: duplication of sermons onto cd, ordering of supplies, etc.: Carmine Carannante
  3. Sunday Facilities: Sound, set-up, take down: Carmine Carannante
  4. Finances: Offering, counting, deposits, Check writing/signing, reconciliation/audits, Secretary of Finance, Budget: Carmine Carannante, Mesha Betancourt, Bookkeeper, Joe Falco Tax Accountant, Edith Wolf, Reconciliation Accountant
  5. Web Site: Eleazar Betancourt
  6. Music Ministry: Debbie Recker, Debbie Livioco, Bill Bendelow
  7. World Missions Outreach: communication/correspondence with missionaries, writing birthday, anniversary cards, holiday gifts, Mission trips, etc: Stephanie and Jamie Marnoch
  8. Prayer Chain: Hilary Whilby

Ashook Ramroop: Food Ministry

  1. Social/Meals, events and parties:
  2. Snack Table: Brook Darby
  3. Church Suppers: Ashook & Liz Ramroop; Suresh & Ambeeka Balkaran
  4. Celebrations & Special Occasions: Mesha Betancourt
  5. Many assist in the suppers and celebrations of our church

Suresh Balkaran: Hospitality-Membership

  1. Ushers: Seating, Offering, Lord’s Supper, etc.:
  2. Visitors Care: Visitor letters, visitation of those who visit our church:
  3. Membership Care: Letters to new members, visitation:
  4. Care Card Ministry: letters to members for birthdays/anniversaries: Helen Stevens
  5. “Walt Parker” Helps Ministry: picking people up/dropping off at airports, moving things, general help
  6. Heritage Ministry Office: Facilities, Cleaning, etc: Suresh Balkaran, James Abeah-Musah

Leon Lyons: Outreach-Evangelism

  1. Welcome and Book Table: Tracts and Literature: Edith Wolf
  2. Greeters: handing out bulletins, welcome packets, dealing with distractions in hallways, etc.: Ian Cali & Nigel Naidoo
  3. Security
  4. Tract Ministry: Members: Helen Stevens, Esther Omo, Ramon Urena & others.
  5. “Karen Dykers” Homeless Outreach: Bill Bendelow, Members: Helen, Josephine, Rita, Coretta
  6. “Willy VanDenedes” Hospital/Nursing Home Visitations: Josephine Armstead
  7. College Students care packages: Becky Hites
  8. Thanksgiving Care Packages: ??
  9. Food/Clothing Pantry: ??

Jeff Profet: Spiritual Growth-Discipleship 1 (Adults over 18)

  1. Adult Bible Fellowship: Jeff Profet
  2. Women’s Fellowship: Jammie Lloyd
  3. Men’s Fellowship: Nigel Naidoo, Geoff Artman, Bill Bendelow
  4. Single’s Ministry: Jonirose Dino, Kerry Tillett, Esther Omo, Leroy Dawson
  5. Rescue Mission: Pastor Matt
  6. Deaf Ministry

Ryan Pitterson: Spiritual Growth-Discipleship 2

  1. Youth Group/Teens Ministry: Ryan and Erika Pitterson
  2. Children’s Church: Hilary Whilby/Cathy Chang
  3. Sunday School: Hilary Whilby/Cathy Chang
  4. Vacation Bible School

Heritage Baptist Church
Here is a list of some of the ministries of our church.  If you are interested in being involved in any of these areas, please contact the Pastor, deacons, or the leader of the ministry.

  1. Heritage of Faith Radio Ministry, led by Matthew Recker
  2. Heritage Discipleship Institute, led by Matthew Recker
  3. TRACT outreach each Thursday night, led by Helen Stevens
  4. Teen Ministry, led by Ryan and Erika Pitterson
  5. Office Administration Ministry, led by Mesha Betancourt
  6. Bookkeeping of Church Financials, Carmine Carannante overseeing; Mesha Betancourt, Book-keeping, Edith Wolf,  doing reconciliations, Joe Falco doing tax preparation.
  7. Children’s Education Ministry, led by Hilary Whilby and Cathy Chang

Sunday School, 10:00 am:

  • 2-5 Yr. Old: - Coretta Thomas, Megan St Marthe, Cathy Chang
    Helper: Digna Rodriguez 6-8 Yr. Old- Helen Stevens and Esther Omo
  • 9+ Girls - Jenna Watson (will be changing soon)
  • 9+ Boys - Carmine Carannante

Children's Church, 11:30:

  • Nursery - Yen, Digna Rodriguez, Jonirose Dino, Lintia Lyons2-5 Yr. Old - Etha, Hattie Henry, Mesha, Jonirose Dino,
  • 6-10 Yr. Old - Maureen Lopez, Susan Smith, Stephanie Marnoch
    Helpers: Beatriz, Hilary Whilby.
  • 11-16 Yr. Old - Ryan Pitterson

Children helpers:  Guiselle, Rebecca, Jael, Hannah, Caleb, Chara

8. Adult Bible Fellowships, led by Jeff Profet
Teachers and their Assistants: Josephine Armstead with Hattie Henry, Liz Ramroop with Ambeeka Balkaran, Edgar Londono with Consuelo Yepez, Debbie Recker with Stephanie Marnoch, Suresh Balkaran with Jamie Marnoch, Jeff Profet with Jermaine Garcia.

9. ESL Ministry, led by Kerry Tillett

10. Tape Ministry, led by Carmine Carannante

11. Usher Ministry, led by Suresh Balkaran

12. Greeter Ministry, led by Ian Cali

13. Social Event and Meal Ministry, Ashook and Liz Ramroop, Suresh and Ambeeka Balkaran

14. Sound System and Church Set-up, led by Carmine Carannante

15. Financial Records Secretary, Cathy Chang

16. Book Table Ministry, led by Edith Wolf

17. “Walt Parker” Helps Ministry: Various Members

18. “Karen Dykers” Homeless Outreach (third Saturday of each month), led by Bill Bendelow & Various Members

19. NYC Rescue Mission (third Friday, every other month), led by Pastor Matt

20. Women’s Fellowship, led by Jammie Lloyd

21. Men’s Fellowship, led by Jeff Prophet & Nigel Naidoo

22. “Willy VanDenedes” Hospital and Nursing Home Outreach, led by Josephine Armstead

23. Care Card Ministry, led by Helen Stevens

24. Heritage Web Site, led by Eleazar Betancourt

25. Heritage Baptist Deaf Ministry, led by Angel Martinez

26. Music Ministry, led by Debbie Recker, Leroy Dawson, Debbie Cali, Matthew Odell & Bill Bendelow, many others.

27. Sunday Snack Table, led by Brook Darby, with Pascale Jean, Lauren Kruse, Jessica James, Christina Rodriguez, Gracia Blyden, Maureen and Rebecca Lopez.

28.  Security: Leon Lyons

29.  Singles Ministry: Carmine Carannante