Pastor C. Matthew Recker


I grew up in northern New Jersey just fifteen minutes outside of New York City. My father worked in Greenwich Village as a printer along with my grandfather. I did not know Jesus Christ as my Savior as I grew into my teen years. I became involved in the empty life of drug and alcohol abuse as a teenager. It was the post-Vietnam era and I wanted to be a hippie! I became increasingly miserable in my sins and the conviction of sin became very deep in my soul. I was full of fear and selfishness and had no strength to overcome the sins that had taken deep root in my depraved heart.

By grace, the Lord saved me as a freshman college student at Clemson University in South Carolina. I realized that Jesus Christ died upon the cross to pay for my sin and eternal damnation. I had never realized the fact of my sin against God. When I believed and repented of my sin, however, my soul was regenerated and by His mercy I received peace with God. What joy flooded my soul that day the Lord saved me! I was truly a new creature and the Lord Jesus quickly called me to preach. When I returned to my home in New Jersey that summer my heart was burdened to come to New York City for a church-planting ministry.

While attending Bob Jones University, I met my wife Debbie. We were married in December 1981 and have three children, Rachel, Brian, and Daniel. Our family has ministered in New York City since 1984 establishing three churches. One is in Brooklyn (City View Baptist Church on 1143 Flatbush Ave.), one in Queens (Parkway Baptist Church at 138-23 Brookville Blvd. Rosedale, NY), and our present ministry (Heritage Baptist Chruch) is the third the Lord has established through our years of labor. Our plan is to remain with this work rather than to start another assembly.

Heritage Baptist Church began in May 1996. Since then we have seen consistent growth and the Lord’s definite hand in provision and guidance. I seek to teach and preach the Bible in series format so that we grow in our overall understanding of the Bible.