May the Risen Jesus Meet You!

April 12, 2017 Matthew Recker No comments exist

Matthew 28:9 says “Behold, Jesus met them,” that is, Mary and the other Mary who were running to tell the disciples what they had seen at the empty tomb. That the risen Lord Jesus “met them” gives encouragement to my soul, and gives me faith that Jesus Himself will come like an arrow of divine love into our hearts, to He satisfy our thirsty souls like only He, by His Word and Spirit, can.


Is Jesus real to you?  Do you experience His presence in your life so that you can say, “Jesus met me!” That is what we ought to gain from this resurrection passage. I believe He can and will meet you. Nothing is so sweet or blessed as a sense of meeting Jesus and of having Him speak to your heart!


C.H. Spurgeon said, “There are times, even with those who dwell with Him, when the light is clearer, and the voice is nearer, and the sense of His presence is more delightful than usual.” Jesus, meet with us during this special season of the year!


Since we are told to “behold” this meeting, please note three simple responses they and we need to make when we meet Jesus.


First when Jesus meets you, rejoice! The sweet Word of joy Jesus delivers to them is, “All Hail!” This word was a common greeting in Jesus’ day and it means to rejoice, to be well or to be glad.  It is a joyful greeting.  It is a greeting of good health and peace. There is simplicity and sweetness to this Word. Because Jesus is risen, we also can joyfully meet Jesus in the reading of God’s Word and prayer and know that He speaks this word to our soul, “All hail!”


When Jesus meets you, worship! These faithful women gave to Jesus the sincere worship He deserves, for when Jesus met them, they “held Him by the feet, and worshipped him!”  This was Jesus in the flesh.  This was no phantom, ghost, or spirit, but HIM. May God grant us hungry, believing hearts to know that Jesus is bodily risen from the grave and we also can worship Him.


Worship is the total adoring response of man to the true, eternal God. True worship flows from the inside, out. We are worship God in spirit that is, in our inner man, and in truth, according to who God really is (John 4:24). Worship is a response to TRUTH and not mere feelings.  God is near in true worship. Worship is recognizing the matchless worth and marvelous work of Jesus!


Finally, when Jesus meets you, obey. Look at the special work He demands: “Go tell my brethren that they go into Galilee, and there shall they see me” (Matthew 28:10).


The reality of the resurrection leads these women to worship our Savior, and then to witness for Him!  Do not be afraid, rather go and tell. Real worship leads to practical work.


Notice that the first heralds of the resurrected Christ are these godly women. Women are not to be seen as having secondary roles in the Church of the Living God.  Women can have a witnessing work to all.  How many godly women have taught Sunday School, Children’s church, and evangelized on street corners?  How many godly wives witness of the resurrection to their husbands who are hardened to the truth of God’s Word?  How many godly mothers have told their children of the risen Jesus, and those children have grown up to follow the Lord, too and even preach His Word?!  Women have distributed millions of tracts for our Lord Jesus Christ and served Him in countless ways.


Has Jesus met you and saved your soul? If not right now, call upon the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to forgive you and wash your sins away. If you are saved, seek a meeting with Jesus each day and may our meeting with Him ever lead us to rejoice, worship, and obey Him with all joy!

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