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Posted by Matthew Recker on August 19, 2017

HBC Annual Picnic @ Forrest Park!

We invite you to join us at Forrest Park on Saturday, August 26 for our annual church picnic.

There are loads of things to do in the park! We will have a delicious barbecue. There are basketball courts, spray showers, tennis, bicycling, and more.

We will meet at the picnic/BBQ area just off Woodhaven Blvd. There is a lot of parking and it is near the carousel on the map.

If you have any questions you can email us or call the church for more information! 212.947.5316. #HBCPicnic
click to download Map with directions


Posted by Matthew Recker on August 2, 2017

Japan Missions Trip! #HBCJapan

We asked you to pray for us in our Japan Missions Trip to Nagoya, Japan, and we are grateful that many did!
A blessing received upon returning home from Japan was a note of appreciation from Pastor Tim Melton. He outlines many of our labors and may Jesus be praised for whatever we could do for Jesus’ Kingdom. This letter reflects also the answer to the prayers of many.
Dear Pastor Recker and members of Heritage Baptist Church,
Thank you so much for all you and the mission team from Heritage Baptist Church did for us.  We really appreciate your diligence, hard work, and wonderful spirit.  
You all helped us distribute about 7000 meeting announcements to homes in our area; you helped with our friend party which everyone loved including the first time visitors; the ladies planed and executed the games, craft, and snacks for our children’s meeting; the men helped in our basket ball challenge though the turnout was not what we had hoped; you did a wonderful job of testimonies, special music and message during our Sunday School and Sunday service and were a great encouragement as you fellowshipped with the members and visitors afterwards during our BBQ potluck meal;  you helped us clean out and organize the shed which needed to be done for a long time; you helped us paint the deck and it now looks amazing; you spent hours cleaning and getting the camp facilities ready for children’s camp next week;  you folded hundreds of our church brochures in preparation for distribution; and you did a great job on the yard work.
You all were a blessing to us in so many ways: a help, an encouragement, an example, a testimony. You went above and beyond to make sure not only that you were not a burden to us financially but that you were an immense blessing to us in that area.
You were organized, prayerful, Biblical, and above all sought to glorify God in all situations. 
Though each member had their own unique strength, you complimented each other to accomplish every goal in a way that reflected well on the Lord and Heritage Baptist Church.
We can’t thank you enough for being a great blessing to us.  May the Lord bless you as you have blessed us.
Your servants for Christ,
Tim, Kim, Bekah, John & Hitomi
Nagoya, Japan
To God be the glory!
In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Matt
Posted by Matthew Recker on June 27, 2017

Missions Trip to Japan: July 2-15! #HBCJapan

Please pray for the HBC Japan Missions trip as we begin our mission to Nagoya, Japan this Sunday night, July 2! #HBCJapan

Pray for our team as we go (Pictured left to right): Jonirose Dino, Christie Villalon, Edgar Londono, Yen Jung, Pastor Matthew Recker and teenagers Kristy Sapolis, Chara Lyons and Caleb Lyons. Please pray for us to all grow wonderfully in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and to serve Him in the power of His Spirit.

We will go to the JFK airport July 2 at 11:30 pm and leave early Monday morning at 1:35 am! We will serve in Nagoya, Japan through July 15.

We will work alongside with Pastor Tim and Kim Melton. Pastor Tim leads the Calvary Baptist Church (Japanese speaking) and Nagoya International Baptist Church (English speaking) in Nagoya, Japan. We will also work with Rebekah Kuehlman who assists them while leading their children’s ministry. We greatly look forward to also connecting with Toshihiko Sato, a former member of Heritage Baptist Church in NYC, who serves now as an assistant pastor in Japan.

Our main ministries will be literature preparation and distribution, facility maintenance, and seeking to build relationships in friendship parties, children’s ministry, and camp ministry. We will share our testimonies and God’s Word in their Sunday School & Sunday worship services.

Japan is an incredibly beautiful country but there are great challenges in bringing Christ’s saving Gospel to the 127 million people and the 2.24 million souls in Nagoya.

Only 1% of the Japanese population professes any sort of Christianity, including cults like the Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, or Romanism. Through centuries of practice, the main Japanese religion conflates Shinto beliefs (which worship millions of spirits which could be either good or bad) with Buddhist philosophy. The rituals of Shinto that emphasize present happiness and prosperity (not salvation or anything about the afterlife) have combined with the texts of Buddhism that has its teachings to attain enlightenment. This syncretization of Shinto and Buddhism forms a unique religion that is not found anywhere else in the world. While many Japanese people may not strongly believe either religion, the long history of these two pathways form a powerful cultural stronghold that blinds them from the Gospel. This demonstrates the great need that the dear people of Japan have for Jesus Christ and His Gospel which is the power of God unto salvation.

Please pray for us and pray for Missionaries Tim and Kim Melton who have served throughout their lives in Japan. Please pray that we can encourage them and as we come alongside them that we will know how to better pray for them and support them in their labor of love for Christ.

Visit the Melton’s page on our website to learn more about their ministry in Japan:

Or visit their website directly here:

Pictured: Jonathan & his wife Rebecca, Benjamin, Rachel, Kim and Tim Melton