2017 NYC Regional Fellowship of the FBFI

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Tuesday, September 12 @ 9 am – 12 noon
We are thrilled to welcome Chaplain Joe Willis to New York City for the Regional of the Foundations Baptist Fellowship International & our New York City Fellowship Meeting on Tuesday, September 12. This meeting will be held at Grace Baptist Church, 798 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square, NY. We will begin at 9 am with a breakfast and conclude with a luncheon at 12 noon.
Chaplain (COL) Joe Willis completed a long and illustrious military career in September 2014. Since then his chaplaincy ministry has not only continued, but it recently expanded as has become the FBFI Chaplain Endorser on May 1, 2017. In his current role as endorser, he will recruit, train, and help to manage an expanding cadre of chaplains.

Don’t miss this very special gathering! Chaplain Joe Willis will give us a first-hand report of the U.S. chaplaincy. Then he will share his heart with us, as a father of several sons himself, about how fundamental churches like ours can more successfully mentor faithful young men. After this, we will enjoy an open forum discussion about the challenges we face and the lessons we’ve learned in training young men, through our churches, who will someday be the next pastors and faithful men in NYC. We would love to see you with us!

Your Friend in Christ,
Matthew Recker


Breakfast: 9 am

10 am: Why the Chaplaincy?

“What’s Happening in the Chaplaincy and Why this Ministry is Vital?”

11 am: How to Successfully Mentor Young Men to Serve the Lord

“Concluded with an open forum discussion: Challenges & Lessons in Training Men for Ministry”

12 Noon: Luncheon for all Guests

Call 212-947-5316 for More Information

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